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Discover the latest in hair extension techniques at Harriet Broughton Hair and Makeup. From micro rings to keratin bonds, find the perfect fit for your desired style.

Hair Extension Services are a specialty of Harriet Broughton Hair and Makeup, and there is something to meet every client’s hair extension needs and budget. We are trained in a variety of different hair extension techniques and therefore can tailor our services to our client’s specific hair type and desired style.

Consultations are required prior to appointments to ensure a perfect colour match is offered. 

Micro-ring Hair Extensions

Micro rings are little rings that are placed to fine strands of hair and have a cushioned silicone within the ring to cushion the hair. There is no adhesive used and the hair lasts up to a year with frequent maintenance sessions every 2-3 months.

Price dependant on partial head, half or full head application.

From £200

M-Fold Extensions

No more pinched connections that separate the rhythm of the roots with the flattest parallel extensions, suitable for fine hair. Fast! In one hour, you may complete a full head of extensions.
M-tabs make M-fold hair reusable for a year.
There is no heat, no chemicals, and no harm.
In just 30 minutes, you’ll be done.

From £250

Tape extensions

For Super thick & luscious hair instantly

Attached with glue on an inch thick stripe to a small section of hair

Quick & easy application with glue attached easily to apply & remove

An instant look that creates thick & long hair

Maintenance every 2 -3 months

From £300

Clip-In Extensions

To preserve your hair in good condition, we utilised the natural substance keratin instead of glue.

Small sections of hair are attached, resulting in the most natural and discrete method of adding extensions since the bond is clear in colour and bonded to very small portions of hair, allowing the extensions to flow naturally with the hair.

There is no requirement for upkeep. After the first two weeks, all that is required is an extra blow-dry that will last 3-6 months.

From £300

Keratin bonds

Clip-in extensions can be offered for the bridal look.

Consultation is required before ordering extensions to ensure that there is a perfect colour match

100% human hair used that can be reused for over a year with good home care and application

Fast and easy way to enhance your bridal or events look

£49 – £65

Maintenance Service

Maintenance services are required to maintain the condition of the hair and  extensions

Tightening extensions and putting them higher up the hair, or replacing old micro-rings and m-fold extensions

Services include wash and blowdry and replacement of rings or tapes

Health check on hair plus advice on how to maintain extensions and if any hair needs replacing

£69 – £75

All of the extensions we use are high quality and with regular maintenance and good home care, they can last up to one year.

Hair Development specialises in sourcing the finest quality European cuticle intact Remy and the softest 100% virgin cuticle hair from around the world, producing a long-lasting luscious range of 100% Human Hair to guarantee the most natural beautiful premium hair extensions.




The deposit to secure your wedding date is £100. This is then deducted from your final balance on the wedding day. (deposits are non-refundable)

I accept Cash and BACS transfers (cheques or bank transfers for deposits only) I dont accept payment by card.
Payment for the trial should be paid on the day of the trial and payment for the wedding on the day of the wedding

In case of an emergency or an unlikely event, I am not able to do your wedding or if I am unable to find a replacement you will receive a full refund.
If you need to cancel your wedding and have paid a deposit the deposit is non-refundable

*Journeys over 45 minutes may incur a small travel charge